When it comes to choosing material, you want the best option to meet your budget. Upholstery SampleAll of our material has been tested to ensure that our customers are receiving the highest quality available.
Stitch N Stitch has hundreds of samples for you to view. Material can be difficult to obtain; therefore, we are here to help. Contact us today to see how we can help you purchase the material you need.
Automotive Leathers:
  • Stitch N Stitch upholstery offers you a wide range of leather options. You can choose from mid to high grade leathers.
    • Mid-Grade Leather is commonly found in most automotive interiors today.
    • High-Grade Tuscany Leather is an option offered for a more comfortable and luxurious look.
Exotic Leathers: 
  • Sometimes a simple look just will not do. When you want to obtain that unique look, Stitch N Stitch can help you with a customized design. Here are some of the materials you may want to consider. Contact us for more detailed options.
    • Snake
    • Ostrich
    • Stingray
    • Alligator
    • Crocodile
    • Lizard
  • (These materials are also available in vinyl)
Small Furniture: (Dining Chairs, Bar Stools, Etc.) 
  • For your furniture that needs special attention, we can help. Here is a short list of the material that Stitch N Stitch offers.
    • Fabrics
    • Soft Leathers
    • Velvets
    • (Ask about the wide variety of materials offered.)
Marine vinyl:
  • Just say NO to water! Marine vinyl is specifically designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. When you are looking for a stronger, long lasting materiel, Marine Grade Vinyl is your solution.
    • Offered in many Custom Prints and Textures
  • Vinyl may be the most popular solution chosen today. Vinyl comes in a wide variety of grades and patterns and is more budget friendly.
    • Offered in many Custom Prints and Textures

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